Insurance Options


1. What is the King Price deal when I buy a bike at Cycle Lab?

No matter the value of the bike, you will be sent an SMS upon completing your transaction, and the complimentary 30-day insurance is granted IF the cover is activated via the SMS journey. Kids bikes are excluded from this campaign.

2. What is my bike covered for during this period?

Accidental damage, theft or by any other unfortunate event that may damage your bike

3. Will the cover still be free after the initial 30 days period?

Your premium will change to R1 if the value of the bike is less than R50000 and the customer moves their motor insurance to King Price. 

King Price might still cover the bike for R1 or provide cover at a discounted price if the value of the bike is over R50000. This will depend on King Price and how much cover (for multiple vehicles /value of insurance cover) the person takes.This will be done individually by King Price.

4. Do I have to be an existing King Price customer in order to get the first 30 days insurance free

Not at all.

5. What happens to the free insurance product after the 30 day period has passed?

King Price will contact the client and will offer them bike insurance. The insurance premium will depend on the value of the bike.

6. What happens if King Price cannot beat the customers’ current car insurance premium?

 King Price will issue the customer R1000 in the form of a Cycle Lab voucher via SMS that is redeemable INSTORE ONLY. NOT REDEEMABLE ONLINE.

7. What happens if a person doesn’t want to change their car insurance to King Price after the initial 30 days?

King Price can still offer separate comprehensive bicycle insurance to a customer at a reduced rate.

8. How will King Price know I bought a bike?

Once you bought a bike from us you will get an SMS with a link to King Price. Simply complete the information on the link and King Price will call you back.

9. What will King Price ask me when they call?

King Price will need to determine the risk profile of each customer and have a list of questions they will ask incl bank details. The call will take about 7 min to complete everything.