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IceToolz Chain Whip
R  199.99
IceToolz Magnetic Cross Screwdriver (28P0)
RRP: R  150.00 save 34%
R  99.00
PRO Spoke Wrench
R  99.99
Marvel Chain Checker
R  99.99
Marvel Chain Scrubber
RRP: R  150.00 save 1%
R  149.99
Marvel Supreme Universal Bleeding Kit
RRP: R  599.99 save 34%
R  399.99
Marvel Tyre Levers
R  49.99
IceToolz Internal Routing Tool
RRP: R  550.00 save 1%
R  549.99
IceToolz Bearing Cup Press Tool
RRP: R  600.00 save 1%
R  599.99

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When it comes to bicycle repair and maintenance, you need the right bicycle tools in order to ensure that your bike is both safe and optimised for speed. Having the right tools for your bike parts is important and, as a cycling enthusiast, you know this. 

We stock a variety of cycling tools brands, from IceToolz to Park Tool. You will no doubt find the bicycle tools that best suit your bike in our range. And, with Chris Willemse Cycles, you can order your tools online and have them delivered to your doorstep.